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  • Smooth Finish – Solid Colours

    Smooth Finish Sold Colour Vinyl Fence
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    Benefits of Smooth Finish – Solid Colours Vinyl Fence

    Made in the USA

    all textured wood grain products are made in the USA.

    Maintenance free

    this type of fencing option offers the best value of any fencing and is guaranteed to look the same for life.

    Modern look

    smooth finish vinyl fencing in solid colours provides a more modern look without straying too far from the traditional.

    How Smooth Finish Vinyl Fences in Solid Colours are Different: smooth finish fences in solid colours are made from premium vinyl materials, and are designed to last a lifetime with little or no maintenance required. This type of fencing is available in a wide range of solid colours, designed to create the illusion of a painted fence without the need for any touch ups. Smooth finish vinyl fences in solid colours offer the best value on the market and are protected by a 25-year warranty.

    Available Fence Styles

    Smooth finish in solid colours comes in a selection of styles.

    Vertical Privacy Fence
    Vertical Privacy

    Vertical privacy is the number one bought and sold fence type in Canada. This classic fencing system can be constructed from vinyl, composite, or western red cedar, and offers 100% privacy.

    Gates & Accessories

    Whether you are looking for a gate that creates a statement or is seamless with the rest of the fence, we have a wide range of gate and accessory options that are sure to impress.

    Available Accents

    Smooth finish in solid colours comes in a selection of accents.

    Fence Lattice Accents
    Lattice Accent

    Decorative lattice is the perfect accent for enhancing and adding beauty to your new fence. This accent features the popular diamond pattern that is traditional of most fences.

    Victorian Accent Fence
    Victorian Accent

    Simplistic Victorian accents are a touch of sophistication. This accent features rail posts that run vertically across the top of the fence, capped by a thin rail.

    Huntington Fence Accent
    Huntington Accent

    Huntington accents work to combine the charm of a white picket fence with classic vertical privacy fencing. This accent features vertical rail posts that run vertically across the top of the fence.

    Westminster Fence Accent
    Westminster Accent

    Westminster accents provide a modern-day twist on the classic lattice accent by creating a square pattern, rather than the more traditional diamond pattern.

    So many options!

    Let's us help you choose what's right for your project.

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    Available Swoops and Curves

    Smooth finish in solid colours comes in a selection of swoops and curves.

    Swoop Fence

    This fencing style creates a gentle downward curve from higher panels to lower panels.

    S Curve Fence
    S Curve

    This fencing style creates a more decorative downward curve from higher panels to lower panels.

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